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Greenbrook Tanglewood

Parking/Towing Rules and Regulations (4-21-20)
Posted on Apr 27th, 2020

by email                                                                               Parking/Towing Rules and Regulations

Summary of new changes:

1.Owner must sign License Agreement and send in at same time as the owner request form. Read agreement carefully to be sure you understand and agree to all terms. 2.Must agree to be using your two owned spaces per unit for parking of vehicles currently registered with the Association under the Owner/Resident Registration Program and the Tenant/Resident Registration Program, and agree to continue to do so, subject to Association inspection.
3.You will be notified of eligibility by email. Payment made in form of cashier check or money order must be received by June 29, before 4:30 pm
4.Owner must file a completed, separate OWNER REQUEST FORM TO PARTICIPATE IN PARKING SPACE LICENSE PROGRAM for each owned unit.
5.Can select to enter drawing for one or all of parking spaces included in each drawing.
6.Disabled persons are first priority. Acceptable document is a current licensed physician’s written statement on his/her letterhead verifying applicant’s disability and need for use of Association parking space, providing physician’s contact information and current license number and expiration date. To be received by Property Manager at least two days prior to the lottery drawing.
7.Owners must be current and remain current with all Association payments, and be in and remain in compliance with Association governing documents and Community instruments.
8.One lottery per year, all leases expire 3-1-2021.
9.Interim parking spaces will be assigned by the property manager.
Next bid award Tuesday June 30, 2020.
All OWNER REQUEST FORMS TO PARTICIPATE IN PARKING SPACE LICENSE PROGRAM must be received by the Property Manager at the Clubhouse by 4:30 pm, June 218, 2020.