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Greenbrook Tanglewood

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A Message from the President: James L. Slater
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2020

From James L. Slater, President, Board of Directors:
Follow this (link) to the 1-page piece written by Michala Wright, Neighborhood Specialist,  who is the Habitat for Humanity Coordinator for the Neighborhood Revitalization Coalition (NRC), of which your Association is a Partner.
Her piece is loaded with information of assistance to our residents, especially during this Coronavirus period:  Food; utilities; unemployment; free things for kids to do; on-line educational activities.
Read the poem she has provided; it is a poem that will make your day by uplifting your spirit and giving you reason for hope.
There is a list pf NRC Partners; these Partner organizations and the Resident Committee meet at the Clubhouse to coordinate their activities to improve your lives.
Finally, in order for you to help her, Michala requests that you provide your views regarding your needs and the needs of the community so that she can better help you. You can do this online, following her directions, as given.
Thank you, Michala, for the tremendous work that you are doing on behalf of our community residents!  Yes, we are all in this together!