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Greenbrook Tanglewood

Welcome to the website for the Greenbrook Tanglewood Homeowners' Association.  The Greenbrook Tanglewood community is located in Hanover Park, IL.  To learn more about our community, please visit the About Us section of the website.
If you prefer to view the website in a language other than English, you can select from the list of available languages in the View Language box on the right side of each page.  You will have to re-select your language as you navigate to different pages on the site.
~ News ~
Virtual Board of Directors Meeting
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2021
January 22, 2021
Dear Owner:
The annual Parking Space License Lottery application deadline is underway.
Anyone interested Owner, including current lessees, must fill out the proper forms and send them into the Property Manager to qualify for the drawing.
 (a)  The lease term is 12 months; (b) lottery participants will be able to select any or up to all of the twelve spaces in an effort to win; however, only one space will be allotted to each unit owned.  Therefore, even though unlikely, an owner of twelve units could end up winning all 12 spaces in one lottery.  (c)  Lottery winners must agree to be using and continue to use their existing two owned spaces for permitted vehicles, so as to not unfairly place a burden on others who are so doing but need an additional parking space, and permit Association inspections to so verify, in order to obtain a signed parking space lease Agreement. 
Since these 12 spaces are common area property, towing from them is permitted.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  Permitted vehicles parking in the Defined Common Area MUST HAVE THEIR EMERGENCY LIGHTS ON AND FLASHING.  If not, the vehicle will be towed without warning.  Parking in the Defined Common Area is a privilege, not a right.  Abuse of that privilege can result in safety issues.  Therefore, expect strong enforcement, including violation notices, hearings, fines and automatic towing without notice.  If violations are excessive, the privilege may be revoked.
NEXT LOTTERY DRAWING FOR 12 ASSOCIATION-OWNED PARKING SPACE LEASES—Owners who wish to apply for the next lottery drawing have a deadline of Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. to submit the completed “Owner Request  Form to Participate in Parking Space License Program” to the Property Manager, and to receive a receipt for same.  Be sure to review the location of the available spaces on the Parking Space License Location Map dated 01-21-2021.  The next lottery drawing date is Friday, February 26, 2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Zoom.  Approved licenses become effective 03-01-2021 for one year.  Before you apply, be sure to read the current Parking/Towing Rules and Regulations which have the Parking Space License requirements in Section VII., in order to know if you qualify and want to apply for Association-leased parking.  Fill out the provided Summary Eligibility Checklist for Parking Space License Program BEFORE you submit a license application.  Parking Space License requirements are posted to the HOA website in the Menu section of the HOA website titled: “Parking Space Leasing,” and are available from the Property Manager at the Clubhouse.    
Donna Willer, CMCA
Greenbrook Tanglewood Property Manager
For forms and more information, see Menu item on this website home page titled PARKING SPACE LEASING
2020 Association Goals and 2020 Key events
Posted on Dec 14th, 2020
To review the results/progress for 2020 Goals and the 2020 Key Events please go to Board Goals tab.
Posted on Nov 19th, 2020
Please see menu item Special Services Area (SSA#5)  for all information regarding the tax levy.
Neighborhood Revitalization Coalition & Habitat for Humanity
Posted on Nov 5th, 2020
Ring Video Doorbell Program
posted 11-5-2020
by James L Slater, President, Board of Directors, GTHOA, Inc
DO YOU WANT MORE SAFETY AND PROTECTION FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR PROPERTY AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?  If so, apply for a FREE Ring Video doorbell AND installation while inventory lasts. When the current supply funded by the grant obtained by Habitat for the Association runs out, a waiting list will be compiled by the Association for those who have submitted completed applications. Your Board of Directors authorized an additional $5,000.00 for additional units at the time the Program was initially approved.
See Ring Video Doorbell Questions and Answers below by Michala Stokes of DuPage Habitat for Humanity. Click on the links below for the Program forms and instructions to apply. Send completed applications to Property Manager Donna Willer to donna@vistapm.com. Call her at 630-289-7200 if you need assistance.
Ring Video Doorbell Program
Posted on Nov 5th, 2020
Coalición de Revitalización de Vecindarios y Hábitat para la Humanidad
Publicado el 5 de noviembre de 2020
Programa Ring Video Doorbell
publicado el 11-5-2020
por James L Slater, presidente de la junta directiva de GTHOA, Inc
¿DESEA MÁS SEGURIDAD Y PROTECCIÓN PARA USTED, SU FAMILIA, SU PROPIEDAD Y SU VECINDARIO? Si es así, solicite un timbre con video Ring GRATIS E instalación mientras dure el inventario. Cuando se agote la oferta actual financiada por la subvención obtenida por Hábitat para la Asociación, la Asociación elaborará una lista de espera para quienes hayan presentado solicitudes cumplimentadas. Su Junta Directiva autorizó $ 5,000.00 adicionales para unidades adicionales en el momento en que se aprobó inicialmente el Programa.
Vea las preguntas y respuestas de Ring Video Doorbell a continuación por Michala Stokes de DuPage Habitat for Humanity. Haga clic en los enlaces a continuación para obtener los formularios del programa y las instrucciones para presentar la solicitud. Envíe las solicitudes completas a la gerente de la propiedad Donna Willer a donna@vistapm.com. Llámela al 630-289-7200 si necesita ayuda.
Expanded Overnight Parking
Posted on Oct 1st, 2020
The Village of Hanover Park has amended the overnight parking ordinances to allow for additional overnight parking on select streets. Please see attached letter and maps from the Village of Hanover Park.
Posted on Jun 26th, 2020
Posted on 06/25/2019 and 07/30/2019
The final balcony inspection reports are now available for each phase and links are shown below. Please DO NOT USE YOUR BALCONY until you have been notified by the Association that the repairs have been made. Phase 5 does not have any balconies. The reports have codes for defects and description of defects.
Use the map link below to determine in which phase your unit is located. Click on the link for your phase to see the structural engineer's details for your balcony. Click on the balcony inspection report for more details.
Below you will find a link to the preliminary report from Highland Engineering concerning the condition of the balconies. The balconies highlighted in ORANGE are enclosed and will be replaced with the open railing design. The balconies highlighted in YELLOW will be deconstructed in the next couple of weeks. Summit Property Services will be onsite deconstructing 14 of the balconies selected by the engineers. Those homeowners will be notified as to when this will be done. After they are deconstructed and inspected, the engineers will draw up design plans to make the necessary repairs on all of the 140 balconies. Owners will be notified when their balcony is scheduled for repair. PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR BALCONY UNTIL REPAIRS ARE MADE.
Summary of 05-28-2020 Special Board Meeting Actions
Posted on Jun 4th, 2020
June 03-20-2020 at 10:20 p.m.
From President James L. Slater
Your Board of Directors took actions at its 05-28-2020 Special Board Meeting that impact on Owners and Residents:
Here is a summary of those actions.  Details can be found in the Board Meeting Minutes section of the HOA web site in the posted DRAFT of the 05-28-2020 Minutes of that meeting.
·         Ring Video Door Bell Program Status—In most surveys on needs in the Association, safety has usually been at or near the top of the need priority list.  This has been the residents’ expression in spite of Police Department statistics showing reductions in major crime categories for each of the last eight years.  DuPage Habitat for Humanity, under the leadership of Michala Wright, Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist,  has applied for and been granted $18k to install approximately 130 devices. The Association Board of Directors has allocated an additional $5K for about 36 devices.  Habitat, Association, and Police representatives will shortly meet to discuss the best installation coverage for some of these devices.  Other locations will be determined based on a set of need, and safety improvement criteria.  Funded devices will be installed by a Habitat volunteer team overseen by the Habitat Construction Team.  Habitat hopes to have all funded devices installed by 11-01-2020. The recipient selection process will be published at a later date.  Watch this space for future announcements.
·         AARP Ramp Grant for Front Clubhouse Entrance—On behalf of the Association, and with Association input, Michala Wright, Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist,  applied for a grant to fund the purchase and installation of a ramp and new front Clubhouse doors that meet the requirements of the American Disability Act (ADA).  The Habitat Construction Team and volunteers will install the ramp, if the grant is improved.  Residents will be asked to volunteer with the landscaping after the ramp is installed.  We should know shortly, around July 6th,  if the grant will be funded for this Project.  If funding is granted, construction will begin in August, and be completed by end of October.
·         MLK Build-Up Day—Due to COVID-19 factors, this event has been scaled back and re-scheduled as a Rock the Block event for June 20th.  Habitat and its volunteers will be working to complete the 10-12 Application Projects submitted by Association Owners;  these include screen repair, trash pick-up, landscaping, and ramp building.  CDC COVID-19 measures will be followed for volunteers including temperature checks, use of personal protective equipment, social distancing, and wearing of masks.
·         The Alive Center Program—We have resolved an insurance issue, and upon receiving written assurances of coverage from our insurance carrier, on behalf of the Board, President Slater will sign the Memorandum of Agreement that will authorize the Teen Program to be activated January 01, 2021 or later, depending on COVID-19.  
·         Annual Barbeque—Habitat for Humanity has been coordinating and overseeing this event on behalf of the Association for the past 3-4 years.  Not knowing when the Clubhouse will re-open due to COVID-19, current planning is centering around the idea of holding the event in late summer prior to schools re-opening, at near-by Mallard Park, and having groups of 50 persons participate in the event in shifts.  Event details will be communicated as soon as the total plan is formulated and agreed on among the participating organizations.
·         Additional Action on Certificate of Insurance Violations of 03-30-2020—The Board took action to give about 30 non-compliant owners 30 days to become compliant and pay their violation fines, or they will be fined an additional amount.  Those accounts may also be placed into legal collection, initially resulting in Owner legal fees and costs amounting to about $260.00, and with subsequent possible legal costs of about $3,000, and possible Owner loss of possession of their property. The message is clear: meet your Owner responsibility in full and on time by filing your Certificate of Insurance with the Association  showing you have the proper town home,  HO-3 insurance coverage, NOT condo HO-6, and have paid the annual premium.  Since the inception of the Certificate of Insurance Rules and Regulations on 10-15-2013, Owners have received multiple communications that not having proper insurance coverage on your property IS NOT ONLY A VIOLATION OF THE Association’s Declaration and Rules and Regulations, it jeopardizes your financial health and poses a significant liability for your neighbors and Owners of the other 504 units, in the event your uninsured property suffers major damage.
·         Parking Space Lease #11 located in Court Leona Is Available— No one on the waiting list has applied.  Therefore, the Parking Space # 11 lease is available to the highest qualified bidder by the deadline of 4:30 P.M., Thursday, June 18, 2020.  The current monthly rate is $45.00, or a total of $360.00 for the 8 months, July through February, paid in advance.  You may bid lower or higher than this amount.  The lease will expire February 28, 2021, when all parking leases expire, and will then be offered in a lottery drawing for a term of one year to those who qualify and apply in advance.  Now, if you want to bid for current Parking Space #11, read the Parking Space Lease Rules and Regulations posted on the HOA web site; download the OWNER REQUEST FORM TO PARTICIPATE IN PARKING SPACE LICENSE PROGRAM via the link on the HOA web site home page; check the first box on the form to register for future parking space lottery drawings; check the second box on the form to bid for currently vacant parking space #11; and email the completed form with your bid price and signature to Property Manager Donna Willer at donna@vistapm.com to be received by the deadline. 
Owner applicants will be notified by email and/or phone whether or not they are qualified to be in the bidding.  If not qualified, you will be given the reason(s) why, and if you can provide documentation to show that you have met the qualifications to the Property Manager no later than one day prior to the June 25th bid award, and she approves your qualifications, you will be entered in the bidding.  For Owner applicants who have met all other requirements, advance payments have been received; and completed, signed, dated Agreements have been received by the Property Manager, they will be entered in the bidding.  This document is to be returned to: GREENBROOK TANGLEWOOD HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC.   c/o On-Site Property Manager, via email.
***Owner is responsible for making sure that the Association has received this form***
·         Use of Comcast Funds—The Board received $25,250 from Comcast as part of an Agreement.  On the recommendation of President Slater, the Board unanimously approved crediting each unit Owner’s ledger with $50 to be applied in the order of four priorities by Management as set forth in the Board motion.  Shortly, each Owner will receive an abbreviated Statement of account and letter showing how their accounts were credited.
·         Facilities Modification Project Charge Backs—As an alternate option to close the FM Project Budget gap, the Board seriously studied the proposal to approve such charge backs.  After review and debate at two or more meetings, the Board rejected the proposal by voting to pay for the firebreaks and balcony components of the FM Project as common expenses.  The Board has a legal opinion that shows the Board has the authority to use either payment option.
·         Towing Report—45 tows calendar year to date.  About $200 + to get back your towed vehicle.   All are encouraged to read and follow the Parking/Towing Rules and Regulations posted to the HOA web site.  There should be no confusion about parking in the Defined Common area, under strict conditions, including having the vehicle’s flashing lights on at all times.  The common driveways are also the routes for first responders, and parking times in those areas are restricted and are time-limited.  It is the responsibility of Owners to inform family members, guests, and tenants of Rules and Regulations, and will be held accountable for not doing so, if such non-action results in violations from these persons.
Assessment Collection Rule and Regulations (4-21-20)
Posted on Apr 27th, 2020
Assessment collection rules and regulations have been updated (Rev 4-21-2020). Click Here

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~ What's New ~
COVID-19 Response Plan, Latest Newsletter and Owner (04/02/2020)
On 04-02-2020 the Board of Directors authorized a mailing to owners and residents with a cover letter regarding the Association's COVID-19 Response Plan and latest newsletter. Please look for it in your mailboxes shortly.
Leasing Resolution and Crime Free Addendum (04/18/2017)
On 12-17-2013, the Board of Directors approved a Resolution outlining new Rules and Regulations related to violations in general and specifically related to leasing of units.  The Resolution sets forth revised, new Rules and  Regulations regarding the violation process, including notice, hearing, enforcement, fines, and final determination.  All unit owners, including landlords, should carefully review these new Rules and Regulations to be certain that they are and continue to be in compliance with them. (click here for the Rules and Regulations).

As a part of this Resolution, landlords are required to utilize, as a part of their rental leases, the referenced Village of Hanover Park Crime Free Lease Addendum (click here) as a part of the Association’s safety enhancement program.  This addendum is now required for all leased units in the community.  The Board-approved Association’s Rider to Lease 3.0 (click here) is also now required as a part of the rental lease. The deadline for receipt by Property Management of the completed, signed Rider to Lease 3.0 was March 1, 2014.   Thereafter, affected unit owners will be subject to the Association’s violation, enforcement and fine process, as outlined under the newly adopted related Rules and Regulations.

Send completed, signed Association Riders to Lease 3.0 by mail, fax, or email to Property Management to any of the following addresses/fax:  Greenbrook Tanglewood Homeowners Association, Inc., 1211 Catalina Drive, Hanover Park, Illinois 60133;  or Fax:  (630) 289-0245; or email to
2013 Multi-year Roof Replacement Plan (09/08/2013)
Based on an engineering study of all the roofs within the Association by Property Technics (Click here for survey information), the Board of Directors has developed a multi-year roof maintenance and replacement program.  The program will begin with preventative maintenance of the dwelling roofs and an initial number of flat garage roof replacements to be completed in the Fall of 2013 (with work continuing in Spring of 2014, if needed).  The board has authorized spending $49,800 on the dwelling preventive maintenance and an initial $115,000 on phase one of the garage roof replacements.  At the September 17, 2013 Board Meeting, the board will consider spending an additional $135,000 for garage roof replacements as part of this first phase.
The total estimated cost for the phases I-IV flat garage roof replacement is $865,570.  The proposal is to spread this cost in the approximate amounts of $250,000 each in 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and then taper down to $38,800 for 2023-2024, $35,300 for 2028-2029, and $65,950 for 2031-2032, based on 2013 competitive, sealed bid prices. To see a tentative list of when each garage roof is targeted for replacement, click here. NOTE: This list should be treated as a proposed plan that is subject to change.  A change in the order of replacement could be driven by evolving roof conditions, available funds, etc.
The Board also approved a unit dwelling multi-year roof replacement plan. The good news is based on the architect’s comprehensive report, the unit dwelling roofs are in relatively good condition. The annual execution of the roof preventive maintenance program should extend the useful life of unit dwelling roofs and should result in fewer roof leaks. The proposed multi-year unit dwelling roof replacement plan provides the following estimated expenditures, based on 2013 current prices:
  • 2018 $ 74,000
  • 2019 $ 94,500
  • 2020 $124,000
  • 2021 $241,000
  • 2022 $244,000
  • 2023 $248,500
  • 2024 $239,000
  • 2025 $252,000
  • 2026 $219,500
  • 2027 $237,999
  • 2028 $239,000
  • 2029 $232,000
  • 2030 $268,000
  • 2031 $234,000
  • 2032 $ 82,500
The total estimated cost for dwelling roof replacement is $2,946,500. To see a tentative list of when each dwelling roof is targeted for replacement, click here. NOTE: This list should be treated as a proposed plan that is subject to change.  A change in the order of replacement could be driven by evolving roof conditions, available funds, etc.
2013 Roof Study (08/24/2013)
In May 2013, the Board of Directors of Greenbrook Tanglewood Homeowners Association had a roof inspection and study completed by Property Technics.  This involved a survey of all townhome and garage roofs that were not recently replaced.  The report provides a summary of the roof conditions, estimated replacement cost and recommended actions.  To see the full reports, click here.

Village of Hanover Park Crime Free Lease Addendum and Related Village Ordinance Information (06/30/2013)
At the May 21, 2013 Board meeting, Chief of Police David Webb of the Village of Hanover Park gave a presentation to update unit owners, residents and Board members about criminal activity in Greenbrook Tanglewood and to discuss how the Village and Association can further improve the safety of Greenbrook Tanglewood residents.  He also updated all in attendance of the Association/Village cooperation regarding safety of GTHOA, Inc. and the on-going policing efforts of the Village. One of the topics that he overviewed was the recent Village revision of residential rental and leasing requirements.
In an effort to keep GTHOA, Inc. unit owners, landlords, rental property managers, and tenants apprised of these new requirements, a copy of the new Village Crime Free Lease Addendum and two pages of related Village ordinance information and additional references are being posted on this HOA web site for your reference and review.
To read the full information regarding the new Village Crime Free Lease Addendum and the new Village ordinance, click here.
For a copy of the Village Crime Free Lease Addendum, click here.