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Greenbrook Tanglewood

Welcome to the website for the Greenbrook Tanglewood Homeowners' Association.  The Greenbrook Tanglewood community is located in Hanover Park, IL.  To learn more about our community, please visit the About Us section of the website.
If you prefer to view the website in a language other than English, you can select from the list of available languages in the View Language box on the right side of each page.  You will have to re-select your language as you navigate to different pages on the site.
~ News ~
Facilities Modification Project 2018
Posted on Mar 21st, 2018
The Association is moving forward with a facilities modification project.  The letter to homeowners   was sent to all  owners and residents on 3-6-18  to  inform homeowners and residents of the  Rules and Regulation changes relating to the  project (to read letter, click here).   On March 13, 2018 after discussions with the architects, an addendum to the letter was developed and  emailed to all homeowners with an active email address on file in an email blast (To read addendum Click here).   The Association  also held the first Town Hall Meeting  on March 17, 2018  to discuss and answer  questions or  clarify the  rules changes for homeowners and residents.  In attendance at the  Town Hall Meeting  were two Board members and eleven other  homeowners.  To read notes from the  Town Hall Meeting, please click here.  The Board has also  developed  a calendar and implementation timeline for  compliance to the  revised Rules and Regulations adopted on 2-27-18.  To review the  calendar/ timeline, click here.
Posted on Mar 7th, 2018
Below are the latest revisions to the Rules and Regulations approved by the Board of Directors on 2-27-2018.  The Calendar and Implementation Timeline outlines the  grace periods being granted to provide time for homeowners to become complaint with the revised rules and regulations.
1. Architectural Review Rules and Regulations- (Click here)
2. Antenna Rules and Regulations- (Click here)
3. Parking/Towing Rules and Regulations- (Click here)
4. Owner/Tenant Rules and Regulations- (Click here)
5. Tenant/Resident Rules and Regulations- (Click here)
6. Enforcement Rules and Regulations- (Click here)
7. Calendar and Implementation Timeline- (Click here)
Seeking Tutors-Literacy DuPage
Posted on Jul 24th, 2017
Literacy DuPage to seeking recruit  volunteer tutors to provide  tutoring  in the Greenbrook Tanglewood area.  Literacy DuPage  provides free, accessible and customized tutoring services for low literacy  adults through trained volunteer tutors.  Training is provided for tutors.  For more information, please visit www.literacydupage.org.  To  read of  two success stories and get more information  click here.
Assessment Collection Rules and Regulations Update
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2017
At the recent Board meeting, the Board approved  revisions to the  assessment collection rules and regulations. The Declarations  call for assessments to be paid on or before the  first of each month and so the Board voted to bring the  assessment  collection and past due  process in line with the  auditor's recommendations.  You can find the  revised assessment rules  in the  "Association Documents" section of the website, or follow the  attached link (click here).    All the  recent  revisions will be incorporated into the Comprehensive  Rules and Regulations and will be posted in the "Association Documents" section of the website as soon as he  documents are  updated.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, April 17th, 7:00 p.m. at 1211 Catalina Drive Hanover Park, IL 60133
A regular  Board of Directors meeting to be held on April 17, 2018 at the clubhouse at  7 p.m.
Pedal the Preserve
Saturday, June 23rd, 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. at Springwood Junior High
SAVE THE DATE!  FREE Bike Rodeo and family bike  ride with Mayor Craig.
Check the  Hanover Park Facebook Page for  updates! (Click Here)

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~ What's New ~
Parking/Towing Rules Revised ** NEW (2/27/18)**
The Board of Directors  adopted revised parking Rules and Regulations at the  February 27, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting (click here). The new Rules REQUIRE unit owner and resident vehicles to be  registered with the Association in order to park on the  property.  It also limits the number of vehicles  that an owner may park on Association property  Vehicles are registered by completing a revised Homeowner Registration  Form (click here) or a Tenant Registration Form (click here) and return it to  the  property manager.
Leasing Resolution and Crime Free Addendum (04/18/2017)
On 12-17-2013, the Board of Directors approved a Resolution outlining new Rules and Regulations related to violations in general and specifically related to leasing of units.  The Resolution sets forth revised, new Rules and  Regulations regarding the violation process, including notice, hearing, enforcement, fines, and final determination.  All unit owners, including landlords, should carefully review these new Rules and Regulations to be certain that they are and continue to be in compliance with them. (click here for the Rules and Regulations).

As a part of this Resolution, landlords are required to utilize, as a part of their rental leases, the referenced Village of Hanover Park Crime Free Lease Addendum (click here) as a part of the Association’s safety enhancement program.  This addendum is now required for all leased units in the community.  The Board-approved Association’s Rider to Lease 3.0 (click here) is also now required as a part of the rental lease. The deadline for receipt by Property Management of the completed, signed Rider to Lease 3.0 was March 1, 2014.   Thereafter, affected unit owners will be subject to the Association’s violation, enforcement and fine process, as outlined under the newly adopted related Rules and Regulations.

Send completed, signed Association Riders to Lease 3.0 by mail, fax, or email to Property Management to any of the following addresses/fax:  Greenbrook Tanglewood Homeowners Association, Inc., 1211 Catalina Drive, Hanover Park, Illinois 60133;  or Fax:  (630) 289-0245; or email to
2013 Multi-year Roof Replacement Plan (09/08/2013)
Based on an engineering study of all the roofs within the Association by Property Technics (Click here for survey information), the Board of Directors has developed a multi-year roof maintenance and replacement program.  The program will begin with preventative maintenance of the dwelling roofs and an initial number of flat garage roof replacements to be completed in the Fall of 2013 (with work continuing in Spring of 2014, if needed).  The board has authorized spending $49,800 on the dwelling preventive maintenance and an initial $115,000 on phase one of the garage roof replacements.  At the September 17, 2013 Board Meeting, the board will consider spending an additional $135,000 for garage roof replacements as part of this first phase.
The total estimated cost for the phases I-IV flat garage roof replacement is $865,570.  The proposal is to spread this cost in the approximate amounts of $250,000 each in 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and then taper down to $38,800 for 2023-2024, $35,300 for 2028-2029, and $65,950 for 2031-2032, based on 2013 competitive, sealed bid prices. To see a tentative list of when each garage roof is targeted for replacement, click here. NOTE: This list should be treated as a proposed plan that is subject to change.  A change in the order of replacement could be driven by evolving roof conditions, available funds, etc.
The Board also approved a unit dwelling multi-year roof replacement plan. The good news is based on the architect’s comprehensive report, the unit dwelling roofs are in relatively good condition. The annual execution of the roof preventive maintenance program should extend the useful life of unit dwelling roofs and should result in fewer roof leaks. The proposed multi-year unit dwelling roof replacement plan provides the following estimated expenditures, based on 2013 current prices:
  • 2018 $ 74,000
  • 2019 $ 94,500
  • 2020 $124,000
  • 2021 $241,000
  • 2022 $244,000
  • 2023 $248,500
  • 2024 $239,000
  • 2025 $252,000
  • 2026 $219,500
  • 2027 $237,999
  • 2028 $239,000
  • 2029 $232,000
  • 2030 $268,000
  • 2031 $234,000
  • 2032 $ 82,500
The total estimated cost for dwelling roof replacement is $2,946,500. To see a tentative list of when each dwelling roof is targeted for replacement, click here. NOTE: This list should be treated as a proposed plan that is subject to change.  A change in the order of replacement could be driven by evolving roof conditions, available funds, etc.
2013 Roof Study (08/24/2013)
In May 2013, the Board of Directors of Greenbrook Tanglewood Homeowners Association had a roof inspection and study completed by Property Technics.  This involved a survey of all townhome and garage roofs that were not recently replaced.  The report provides a summary of the roof conditions, estimated replacement cost and recommended actions.  To see the full reports, click here.

Village of Hanover Park Crime Free Lease Addendum and Related Village Ordinance Information (06/30/2013)
At the May 21, 2013 Board meeting, Chief of Police David Webb of the Village of Hanover Park gave a presentation to update unit owners, residents and Board members about criminal activity in Greenbrook Tanglewood and to discuss how the Village and Association can further improve the safety of Greenbrook Tanglewood residents.  He also updated all in attendance of the Association/Village cooperation regarding safety of GTHOA, Inc. and the on-going policing efforts of the Village. One of the topics that he overviewed was the recent Village revision of residential rental and leasing requirements.
In an effort to keep GTHOA, Inc. unit owners, landlords, rental property managers, and tenants apprised of these new requirements, a copy of the new Village Crime Free Lease Addendum and two pages of related Village ordinance information and additional references are being posted on this HOA web site for your reference and review.
To read the full information regarding the new Village Crime Free Lease Addendum and the new Village ordinance, click here.
For a copy of the Village Crime Free Lease Addendum, click here.