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Greenbrook Tanglewood
Member Info

The Members section of the website will only be assessable by residents and owners who have registered on the website. To register, please click on the Register link at the top of the navigation area on the left side of the website.  You will receive an initial password in a few days that will allow you access to this section.  Once you login to the site using your registered login, additional member only options will appear.  Some information available in the Members section include:
  • Form to submit on-line maintenance request
  • Form to submit on-line home improvement application
  • Form to submit on-line payment plan request
  • Access to Board of Director's meeting minutes
  • Access to Association budgets, financial reports and long-term plans 
  • The ability to track the status of any forms submitted on-line (maintenance request, home improvement application and/or payment plan request) via the Request Manager
  • The ability to submit feedback and rate the service received on any ticket opened on-line once the ticket is resolved
Registration is quick and easy.  In addition to providing access to this members only information, it allows the Association to collect key information, including your e-mail address. This e-mail address will be used to send out information that is important to the residents and owners, including meeting notifications, annual election information, pool opening information, etc.   Also, in the future additional options may be offered in members only section. 
After you have received your initial password, you should login to the site and change it to a password of your own choosing.  Also, once you login you can update any information you provided during your initial registration by clicking on the Your Profile link at the top of the navigation area.  You can also use this link to update privacy settings regarding what information will be displayed in the Membership Directory.
NOTE:  Due to recent legislative changes and to ensure that all owners and residents of the association received important notices, all owners and residents are now REQUIRED to complete a registration form.  This data is used to update the Member List for the Association.  Please see the Registration Form sections for additional information
Stay informed by registering today.